Max Bubeck pictures with kind permission of Rocky Dillinger at Iron Wigwam


The Ultimate Indian Motocycle Hybrid, the marriage of a vintage Scout frame with a Chief engine!

Max Bubeck on his Chout - link to an interview with Max

Max Bubeck on his Chout - link to an interview with Max
Fastest unstreamlined Indian - ever!

The Chout Breeders Association

The idea is to put together a register of Chouts and Chout builders and hopefully create a hub to link out to websites pages and blogs that may be of assistance to Chout builders wherever they are.

If you have built a Chout, own a Chout or know of somone who has please leave a comment and contact details.

Friday, 29 January 2010

1930's Chout Hillclimber

92cu" thats 1490cc's of Chief motor squeezed into a Scout frame - form n function 8-)

Owner Steve Rinker from Buck's Indian sent me this -

"Howdy to all... This bike is blast to ride. We got this bike about 12 years ago and did a restoration on it. The original set-up had two Aimal carbs, which were removed at purchase. I installed Mikunis. The flywheels and rods are highly polished, with lighting holes drilled in rods. Fly wheels are 80" and the rods where not identified. Pistons have very little skirt left, and are domed. Heads are cut down Bonnies. It has Shunk cams and followers. Bike was set-up to run alcohol, but I play around here with gas.. When you rev the bike up and get off it, fireballs the size of baseballs roll across the concrete floor!! I don't have any info on the owner only that it was last run in early 70's at White Rose in Jefferson Pa. The last run it made, the rider was injured bad and gave the bike away. The new owner brought the bike back to White Rose for 4 more years hoping to give it back to the guy, but he never showed up. So that's how I ended up with it. The bike was always orange, and the gas tanks are car exhaust pipes.. Lots of welding and bent parts left on frame. The first trip I made was at our shop. We have a small hill in front, so I stopped, put bike in 2nd, pulled up the rev's a little and let the clutch go. I didn't have a good loose area of dirt to take off in so the bike came up and away we went.. As I got to the top (only 100' or so) only then I remembered that I had no brake. I also left the chains on the back.. And that was my first and last ride up the hill! I wish I knew more history or even a pic of it in action, but that's all I can tell about it.
Thanks to all who enjoy these great ole bikes! "

Chout for Sale Trinity Motorworks

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Replica Indian leaf forks ready to go into production

Myles Crowder of Perdix Design has created CAD drawings of these Indian leaf forks, he has worked out all the materials and has got the contractors in place to put them into production, prices will be finalised once we know how many will be made in the first batch.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The starting point for my own build

1933 74cu" Chief motor

plus a late 20's early 30's Chief transmission, just bought from US ebay

Monday, 25 January 2010

Grizzy's Dixie

Grizzy's Dixie Chout project, 74cu" chief motor in a Police Special Scout frame - build report can be found in the links section.

As far as I know the first Chout build in the UK

Built by Tony Carabine in Yorkshire, build write up can be found by following the links.