Max Bubeck pictures with kind permission of Rocky Dillinger at Iron Wigwam


The Ultimate Indian Motocycle Hybrid, the marriage of a vintage Scout frame with a Chief engine!

Max Bubeck on his Chout - link to an interview with Max

Max Bubeck on his Chout - link to an interview with Max
Fastest unstreamlined Indian - ever!

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Rob McIntyre's 101 Chout build part 1

I’d been thinking about another bike project for some time and was likely to head down the usual road of a 741B based starting point. These are reasonably plentiful here in New Zealand and as I’d had one for nearly 10 years before my ’47 Chief I had a fair idea of how they held together.
I also wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to build but had a couple of ideas rattling around in my head of a hardtail, jockey shift, probably bobber style or maybe racer, just the usual thoughts we all have while dreaming about our next bike!
Anyway, it’s the middle of 2011 and a friend has been asked to clear a collection of bikes and parts from a friend of his who’d had a stroke – one of the projects was a Chout that I could see great potential in so took the plunge and laid down my cash for:

Late 101 frame with what we think are ’30 Chief  headstock and forks
18” 741B wheels front and rear
cases that are stamped with a ’52 serial number
late ‘40s barrels
Ricardo heads
possibly early ‘30s transmission
M88 carb
101 tank
Motolamp headlight
a box of motor internals
plus another box of assorted bits and pieces

(insert mock up photos)

    First thing to do when I got it all home was go through and see exactly what I’ve got and what is potentially missing as the deal was access to the parts collection so I could fill in any gaps before it all got sold off.   A couple of trips back to the parts pile provided 80-90% of what I’ll need, assuming I don’t change my mind too much while it progresses, although that is highly likely.
    So what’s the plan of attack? Well, IORNZ have our national Indian rally early each year so the goal is to have this ready for 2013 which gives me about 18mths – should be plenty of time, how hard can it be!

    My initial thoughts are along the lines of:
16” rear with 741B hub and drum – I like the idea of this hub/drum combination rather than a 16” Chief wheel because it will mean I can run different size rear sprockets and the frame already has a cross over mount for the brake shaft.
18” front with double 741B brake drums back to back – Obviously this means I’m going to have to think up some way of having 2 cables pull from the 1 lever but that doesn’t seem to be too complex to resolve.
Engine size around 80” with cams and carb to ensure it has enough power that it will be fun to ride – the barrels are currently different bores so not entirely sure what size this will end up, probably not too outrageous, I still want it to be usable.
Magneto ignition – with a mag I can simplify the electrical system and of course you can always get home even with a flat battery.
Initially I’ll stick with the standard 3spd trans but a Hanlon 4spd is on the wish list when I can afford it – I put one of these in my Chief and it’s changed the whole rideability of the thing.
Bobber style with no front guard and a chopped back one

That’s the thoughts for now anyway, I guess we will see as progress is made what works and what doesn’t both visually, mechanically and financially.
I’m a computer nerd by day and have a few self taught engineering skills which should be enough for me to do as much as I can in my shed. I reckon half the fun is figuring out challenges along the way and when it’s finished standing back with a beer, looking at your work and saying ‘yeah, I did that!’
My intention is to run updates with photos as I progress (although this doesn’t always happen on these types of projects), hopefully describing all my problems, solutions and successes until the day finally arrives when it comes back to life, I can give it a kick in the guts and ride off into the sunset......

Sunday, 6 November 2011

DiXiE update on the IPE site

Almost there!!!
Grizzy's Chout sprinter build is almost ready to fire up 8)

read all about it here