Max Bubeck pictures with kind permission of Rocky Dillinger at Iron Wigwam


The Ultimate Indian Motocycle Hybrid, the marriage of a vintage Scout frame with a Chief engine!

Max Bubeck on his Chout - link to an interview with Max

Max Bubeck on his Chout - link to an interview with Max
Fastest unstreamlined Indian - ever!

The Chout Breeders Association

The idea is to put together a register of Chouts and Chout builders and hopefully create a hub to link out to websites pages and blogs that may be of assistance to Chout builders wherever they are.

If you have built a Chout, own a Chout or know of somone who has please leave a comment and contact details.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tony Carabine's short framed Chout

Picture taken a few years ago, Tony sold the Chout on.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Allan Lowson's Chout

"It has: '31 '101' frame with a 'snub nose' (no magneto drive) '48 Chief motor shoehorned in, 741 front end running a Brembo/Goldwing disc brake, '39 Chief rear hub & brake, Sport Scout tanks, Bendix carb, Fairbanks-Morse mag, Mercedes 12 v generator, alloy rims and custom fenders with saddlebags.  Haven't even had time to start it yet as away from home for a few weeks.  It keeps my stroker Scout (Commando primary/trans/rear wheel and drum front end) company"

Hobo Nickel update


Ander's Chout parts V1 to V111

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