Max Bubeck pictures with kind permission of Rocky Dillinger at Iron Wigwam


The Ultimate Indian Motocycle Hybrid, the marriage of a vintage Scout frame with a Chief engine!

Max Bubeck on his Chout - link to an interview with Max

Max Bubeck on his Chout - link to an interview with Max
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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Rob McIntyre's Chout build pt 2

Well, it’s been a bit longer than I had intended but have been making some progress over the last couple of months as my self imposed deadline of the end of year is fast approaching.
Finally got the frame pretty much sorted with just a side stand mount to make and fit.  There has been a few modifications along the way like:
 fitting the rear brake arm mount off a 741
 moving the rear brake cross shaft mounts back 10mm to clear the primary
 drill out the old broken top and middle frame tubes and replace
 fit new front downtubes and modify to clear the magneto
 make and fit new seat mount then modify the seat yoke
 design and make new kicker post mount to suit Chief engine

The front end has also had some tweaking with a clever engineer mate in Christchurch (New Zealand) who stuck 2 front drums off a 741 back to back so I can have a double brake setup to help slow things down, which of course still won’t be great!  While this seemed to me like a pretty simple task there were a few things along the way that proved a challenge for him and involved plenty of machining of a new hub and other bits and pieces to provide the clearance.  Modern sealed bearings have been included as well.  The backing plates also needed modification by moving the speedo drive along with using the longer rear brake arms for the front and making some arm mounting pivots to suit.   Still to do with the front end is sort out the double cable pull – although I think I know what to do here, and then decide what size front wheel will work.  Leaning towards a 19” as I tried a spare 18” 741 that was lying around and didn’t really like the look of it and I thought I didn’t like the look of another 16” on the front until I tried one and now I’m not so sure.

Motor is with Dave at Harley Speed and Custom so that he can get that sorted for me – I don’t have the equipment or skills to do this justice and a decent engine job is worth spending the money on.
I’ll rebuild the gearbox myself and plan to separate it from the primary at the same time.

The 101 tank has been modified a little with the fitment of 2 taps – 1 with a slight tube on it so there is a reserve portion of fuel floating around in there. I’m a little concerned that the 9L of gas in a 101 tank will be a bit small for a Chief engine, but I guess it’ll be enough to get me from 1 pub to the next!  We also had to add in return and breather lines to the oil tank for the Chief motor, and have modified the original feed fitting to take the outlet line.  Tank looks good in the frame, sits on 3 brackets as opposed to the original 2 and I added a little extra to the back of the headstock to fill in an ugly gap that was there.

Work to do while the motor is away will be shape and fit the rear guard, make and fit a tool/battery box although I would like to run a magdyno and do away with a battery all together if possible – still looking at options for that one.  Wire it up, fit the bars and controls then it should be a simple matter of getting the motor back, fitting that in, making up the relevant lines and then see how it goes.  Plan on doing a few hundred mile to make sure that everything is working OK before pulling it apart to be cleaned up, painted and finished off.


Machined out the new slot for the kicker

Kicker arm adapter

kicker attached

New twin brake front, sizing up a 16” front tyre

Sizing up a 19” front

Drilling out the old frame tube stubs